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Management Solutions

Sales Improvement Services


I work with SMB business leaders whose business results are being challenged by underlying sales functions, or those that simply want
help growing their business through Sales Improvement.

LXIS Management Solutions provides customized, scalable SALES IMPROVEMENT SOLUTIONS based on the client's current sales process and actual needs.


My approach is from a "Top-Down Leadership" perspective based on 25 years of experience leading Sales as a critical part of the overall business.

The list below is a sample of services I can provide but everything depends on your needs. I would like to explore how we might work
together to help you.

                                                                                                           Thanks,  Nick

The Traditional Sales Process is only 25% of the overall
Business Sales Process a SMB Leader must manage.

  • “Business-Process Assessment” for Sales Organizations

  • Sales Process Improvement (Repeatable and Predictable)

  • Lead Generation

  • CRM Sales Optimization

  • Sales Support -Technology Improvement

  • Performance Metrics Development

  • Goals and Objectives that Drive Performance

  • Goal-Based Compensation Models

  • Sales Communication and Activity Cadence

  • Sales Personnel Growth, Coaching and Recruiting

  • Sales Leadership Growth, Coaching and Recruiting

  • Fractional, Part-Time Sales Leadership Service

What I don't Do:

- Try to convert you to a New Sales Program

- Try to fix everything with "Sales Training"

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