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LXIS Mission

LXIS Management Solutions was created to help         the SMB Community in the Mobile - Baldwin                                             County Areas:

  • Businesses whose sales organizations are not performing to expectations, contributing to lower financial results and challenging other functions within the business.

  • Businesses struggling to grow and need strategic help for improvement.

  • Organizations that have a need for experienced Sales Leadership, but the resources are not available to hire a Senior Sales Leader full-time.

Nick Nichols
President &
Executive Sales Leader
  • Nick is an accomplished leader with more than 25 years
    of experience that includes  Sales, Sales Management,
    Operations, Training, Marketing, Teaching, Consulting
    and 10+ Years of Senior Leadership.


  • He has a proven history of building successful sales
    teams and driving growth in various sized organizations
    from start-ups to large industry leaders.


  • An accountable leader, Nick has the experience and
    ability to collaborate the boundaries within your organization to promote cooperation and achievement, as well as develop and empower your people for personal and corporate growth in order to exceed business objectives.


  • In addition to sales leadership, Nick has experience leading Commercial Sales Operations; designing sales organizations from the ground up or turning them around to improve performance. He has extensive experience in CRM Implementation, Pipeline Management, Forecasting and Goal-Based Compensation, as well as designing and delivering Training Programs for Strategic Sales, Sales Management and Leadership Development.

  • Nick’s business consulting career was born out of his experience as an Adjunct Instructor for the School of Business at the University of Wisconsin.  He was part of a team developing programs for Leadership Development and Business Process Improvement, primarily in Sales, for business clients contracted through the Center for Advanced Studies in Business (CASB) in Madison, WI. 


LXIS Management Solutions employs a TOP-DOWN LEADERSHIP APPROACH  in order to help Business Leaders improve their sales performance by creating a  great SALES PROCESS that is repeatable and predictable...improving performance and making the business easier to manage.

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