Frequently Asked Questions


Q:   What are the business indicators that our "Sales Process" needs work?

A:  The most obvious answer would be that you are missing your "Top Line" Revenue target.  However, if your top-line is not the                       problem there are other symptoms that could be affecting your results: missing your margin targets, excess inventory,
                product shortages, OpEx over budget, personnel regularly missing quota, high turnover rate, compensation out-of-line,

                etc.  Any or all of these will negatively effect other areas of your business and drive down your Bottom Line.


Q:   Most "Sales Consultants  just want to sell Training or their own New Sales Program. What makes LXIS    
              Management Solutions different?

A:  LXIS Management Solutions works with SMB business leaders to provide Customized, Scalable Sales  Improvement
                  solutions based on the client's current sales process and needs. LXIS will provide sales or sales leadership training if 
                  that is what is requested by the client.  LXIS Management Solutions does not sell Sales Programs!


Q:   What is Outsourced Sales Leadership 
A:  Outsourced Sales Leadership is the practice by Small to Mid-Sized Businesses of using senior-level, experienced sales    

                leaders on a part-time basis to get the proven sales expertise they need but they might otherwise be unwilling or unable

                to afford.

Q:   Why does Outsourced Sales Leadership work?

A:    Outsourced Sales Leadership Bridges the Gap!
                Part-Time Sales Leadership balances the gap between SKILL and COST for the Small to Mid-Sized  Business, providing

                the quality sales leadership functions that the business needs, at a price they can afford.
                IT SIMPLY WORKS!

Q.   As a Small Business, I am not sure I need a sophisticated level of Sales Leadership.

A:  You likely know your business better than anyone else, and if you are not experiencing any challenges with your sales
               performance, you may be right.  However, wouldn’t you like to know for sure before you under-hire less than you need or
               over-hire more than you need?  Small Business is not synonymous with “less professional” or “less complex” and can face

               the same challenges with Process, People and Leadership as much larger businesses, just on a smaller scale.  Either way  
               the expertise needed to identify and implement the correct solutions remains the same.


Q.   Wouldn’t promoting one of my best salespeople to Sales Management be a better option since they    
              already know our products, market and sales team?

A:   It is likely a very good bet that your salespeople already know your products and market very well and that is not a major   
               concern. However, Sales Management is an immediate need. Unfortunately, in most cases this option turns out to be the
               WORST OPTION in the long run for multiple reasons:

                     - A Great Salesperson doesn’t automatically translate into a Great Sales Manager.

                     - They don’t have the training and experience needed to be a successful Sales Manager.

                     - They are the best at selling, so they end up helping the team sell instead of managing them.

                     - They have to make the transition from Team Member to Team Captain and establishing the proper accountability
                                can be a difficult process.

                     - They want the title and prestige but not the job.  The decision was ego-based, not based on the skill set requirements.

                     - In the long run, you can end up with two problems rather than just the one you started with.

                               1. Now you have lost the sales skills in one of your top territories that have to be replaced

                               2. You didn’t get the Sales Management solution you needed…and still need.

Q.    Our Sales Performance is not meeting expectations, dragging the numbers down in other business    
               functions in the process. Would it be a better option to just get better salespeople before any   
              decisions on Sales Management?

A:    Upgrading your sales talent is always a good idea, just not the best place to start. You need to better understand your sales  
                 process and evaluate your sales leadership first. 

                     - New Salespeople won’t fix a bad process.

                     - You are already invested in your salespeople, and so are your customers.

                     - There are other, and possibly better, ways to upgrade your sales talent without the turn-over.

               Therefore, the first questions you must answer are: Do you fully understand your sales process, is it working as it
                     should be and do you have the leadership required to implement the potential changes needed?

Q.    We have several very skilled executive leaders in our business already. Couldn’t we simply “divide
               and conquer" the Sales Leadership functions between them and avoid the cost all together?

A:   As a Business Owner or Leader, that is certainly an option you can choose but it is doubtful that option would be the best

                 use of any of their skill sets.  Sales Leadership requires training, education and experience just like any other profession.
                 Besides the fact that most of these leaders probably do not want or like the additional sales responsibilities, it is unlikely   
                 that you would ask your HR Director to take over CFO functions, ask your CFO to take over Engineering or ask your       
                 Marketing Director to take over as your CIO.  This option typically results in lost productivity in every business function  
                 sharing responsibility.  Plus, you still didn’t get the Sales Leadership needed to improve performance.

Q.   How do you know where to start?

A:   LXIS Management Systems can provide an initial assessment of your sales process and organization. We can then scale

                  a solution based on your immediate needs, followed by future growth improvements to maximize your performance

                  going forward. All you need to do now is fill out the contact information on the website and we will contact you to

                  discuss your needs.